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The Fabric Color

These are Camouflage Series available

Camouflage Series textile fabrics

Fabric Information


Roll Width 54"-61"/137-155cm(±2cm)

Roll length (average)50m

Composition 100 %SolutionDyed Acrylic


Colour Fastness To Rubbing(s105-X12:2016)

Dry staining 4-5

Wet staining 4-5

Colour Fastness To Light (so105-B02:2014):8

Colour Fastness To Weathering (SO105B04:1994):7

Colour Fasteness To Light( After2000 Hours Change In Shad ):3-4( AATCCTM 16.3-2014 ;Option3 ;Xenon Arc Lamp )

Water Repellent 20±2℃ (4920 :2012 (E)SprayTest ):4-5

Alcoho /Water Repellent (0.6cm10s45°) ( AATCC193 ):4

Oil Repellent (0.6cm30s45) 27.3mn/m( AATCC118 ):3

Rated UPF:50+

Item Fabrics for waterproof fabric for gazebo
Category Overall Knife Coated
Weight 400gsm to 1200gsm/14oz to 35oz
Basic fabric 100% polyester, woven/knitted 500D/840D/1000D/1300D/1500D/2000D
Finish waterproof, UV/mildew/blockout, glossy/matte
Fire retardant B1/NFPA-701 available
Lacquer arcylic coating available
Temperature -30/70℃
Light fastness ≥6
Colors blue/red/yellow/green/white/black etc
Application tent/membrane/marquee/awnings/canopies/

architectural structure/protective covers etc

Environmental Certification

We have complete and scientific quality management systemThe fabric provided is safe ,non-toxic and free of sensitizing carcinogens .Fabrics are treated with DuPont Teflon


Fabrics are treated with DuPont Teflon Nanotechnology for a high degree of stability .

5 Years Limited-Warranty

Our fabric guarantee 5 years limited warranty .Warranty coverage just include fading losing or losing colors due to the Color performance degradation in normal environment .

Easy Care

Stains on the Fabric can be cleaned with 37 ℃ low temperature water ,with neutral soap liquid ,You can use a brush to brush lightly .After washing the stains ,just dry naturally ,do not twist ,so as to avoid fabric deformation ,and do not use high temperature ironing ,so to avoid

high temperature discoloration .

Teflon Technology

Our fabric is treated with Teflon nanotechnology ,which makes fluorideform a barrier around each fiber to resist water and oil stains ,but does not affect the breathability of the fabric .

Why Choose Arcylic Fabric

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