• What are the advantages and disadvantages of polyester fabric

    I. Advantages of polyester fabric: 1. Polyester fabric has high strength. The strength of staple fiber is 2.6 ~ BAI5.7 cN/ Dtex, and the strength of high-strength fiber is 5.6 ~ 8.0cN/ Dtex. Due to its low hygroscopic property, its wet strength and dry strength are basically the same. Its impact ...
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  • What are the characteristics of polyester taffeta fabric

    Taffeta is also called polyester taffeta, is a very common fabric in life, but in addition to professional people, ordinary people to his understanding is not clear, so we come to understand the characteristics of polyester taffeta. taffeta fabric Polyester taffeta fabric characteristics: Polyest...
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  • Hangzhou DRO Textile- Supplier of outdoor fabrics

    Hangzhou DRO Textile Co., Ltd. is a filament cloth fabrics, polyester cloth fabrics, Oxford cloth fabric, dyeing cloth fabrics, yarn-dyed fabric, acrylic fabric, taffeta fabrics, pongee spinning fabrics, yarn-dyed fabric and other products of professional production and processing company, our co...
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